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Gelid Tranquillo Rev.5 Review


With their 5th iteration, Gelids Tranquillo Rev.5 CPU Air cooler is aimed toward the smaller single tower market. Let's find out how well a new and all-black heatsink and fan design turned out and how well they managed to position themselves on the market!



  • Max Performance is good considering the size
  • The mounting system can be adjusted for new sockets
  • 153mm Installation height


  • Noise-to-Performance ok


  • Mounting System fiddly at first


What's in the Box?



Due to our sample of Gelid's 5th Tranquillo iteration being a production sample, we are unaware as of now of what the final box will include. However, based on past experience with other coolers from the same brand, or price tag, we can strongly assume that the final package will contain the following items:

  • Gelid Tranquillo 5 Heatsink
  • Gelid Tranquillo 5 Fan
  • Gelid Thermal paste
  • 2x Fan Clip sets
  • Installation Hardware Intel
  • Installation Hardware AMD


Although our sample was a Production Sample without any manual or additional explanation, we were able to analyze the included brackets and backtrack which Sockets are compatible out of the box:

AMD Intel
AM4 LGA 1700
AM3/+ LGA 1200
AM2/+ LGA 115x
FM2/+ LGA 1366
FM1 LGA 775

Due to the Tranquillo 5's thin Heatsink and not overly bulky fan, the Tranquillo 5 can be considered as a 100% Ram compatible cooler as none of its components can ever protrude over the ram slots.

Individual Components




As of now, there is not much known about the Fan used on our production sample. The only thing we were able to find out is that the Fan is spinning at max 1600RPM, without there being a 0-RPM mode.




By using 4 copper black-colored heat pipes in a direct-touch setup, Gelid tries to transport as much heat up that 153mm high heatsink as possible.

Just like the heat pipes, the entire heatsink is painted with an all-black finish.




Though not for everybody (nowadays), we absolutely love designs such as the Gelid Tranquillo Rev.5. With an All-black Heatsink and Fan, the only thing that is not pitch black is the sticker on the central area of the fan.

This all-black design creates a very clean look, so simplistic, that it can easily be included in most builds nowadays.




By going with a cooler such as the Tranquillo Rev.5 you do need to be aware that there is absolutely NO RGB present, nor will the cooler stand out in any particular way.

But as long as you like "simple" stuff, this is the cooler for you.


We Benchmarked the Tranquillo Rev.5 using our usual Testbench with a Ryzen 3900x.




By letting the Tranquillo's Fan spin at 100% of its 1600RPM, the cooler managed to keep the 3900x at a solid 55°C, just a single degree behind the Be Quiet! Dark Rock 4, a truly amazing result.




On the Noise-to-Performance end, however, it was not able to keep up with a cooler like the Dark Rock Pro 4. However, how could it, at almost double the heatsink with, the Tranquillo 5 was never intended to be compared to coolers like that.

Comparing it to similarly sized coolers like the Montech Air 210, Akasa Soho H4, the Tranquillo completely wiped the floor with them. However, the only obstacle it wasn't able to outperform, is the notorious Arctic Freezer 34 eSports...




Considering that our sample of the Tranquillo 5 is still a development sample, we cannot guarantee that any conclusions drawn will still be applicable once the real deal hits the market.

That being said, the Tranquillo placed itself in a very complicated position.




On one end, its performance clearly reflects that this is going to be a budget-oriented cooler for smaller-to-mid-sized builds.

Considering how the Tranquillo managed to outperform similar coolers in this category or size, it may end up being one of the top contestants.


The only cooler which is standing in its way to the top is the notorious Arctic Freezer 34 eSports. On a performance level, the Tranquillo was not able to outperform the Freezer 34 in any way.

However, it can still beat it at price-to-performance.

Unfortunately, as the final product has not yet hit the shelves, we are unable to determine for now who will win this category.




Therefore, our conclusion requires to be hidden behind a big *if*.

Generally, the Tranquillo is a well-made cooler and its build quality does not seem to be far behind an Arctic Freezer 34.

The max performance was pretty surprising, while the Noise-to-Performance was a chunk behind the Arctic Freezer 34.

Therefore, as long as the Pricetag of the Tranquillo does not exceed 30€, we can absolutely recommend it, while anything above that, we would recommend going for a Freezer eSPorts 34, or even eSports 34 Duo, if your budget allows it.

What's in the Box?
Individual Components
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