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Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo Review


In this review, we will take a closer look at Arctics' affordable Air cooling solution, their Freezer 34 eSports Duo in white. Featuring two BioniX P120 pressure optimized fans, and no plastic, this cooler seems to fulfill every one of our expectations!




  • Very good Performance
  • Excellent Noise-to-Performance
  • Installation Method
  • Price
  • Color Options






What's in the Box?



Arctic's Freezer 34 eSports Duo comes in a classic Arctic-style box. 

Once the box is emptied out, we will find the following items:

  • Freezer 34 incl. Fans
  • AMD Mounting Hardware
  • Intel Mounting Hardware
  • Thermal Paste

Below we also summarized the most important specs:

Name Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo
Dimensions 157x124x103mm (HxWxD)
Fan Arctic Bionix P120
Fan Connection PWM + PST
Fan Airflow 67.56CFM
Fan Speed 2100RPM
Fan Air Pressure 2.75mm/H2O




Below we added a complete compatibility list:

AMD Intel
AM4 LGA 2066
  LGA 2011-3
  LGA 1155
  LGA 1151
  LGA 1150
  LGA 1200
  LGA 1700

* Please note that the mounting Hardware for LGA 1700 sockets will only be included with coolers purchased after and while 2022.

Individual Components




The Heatsink used on here is a 157mm high single tower heatsink allowing for two Fans to be installed in a push-pull configuration.

As usual with Arctic Freezer coolers, Arctic used 4 direct touch copper heat pipes transporting the heat up to the 54 Aluminum Fins.




Due to the Freezer 34's design possibilities, the color of the heatsink can differ. To know more about this please refer to the Appearance section.




The Fans used on Arctic's Freezer 34 eSports Duo are Arctic's BioniX P120. These Static Pressure optimized fans are capable of spinning at 2100RPM while pushing 67.56CFM at 2.75mm/H2O.


We already reviewed these fans specifically, which you can read more about here, but to summarize our findings:

The BioniX P120 performed surprisingly well and managed to outperform a number of other fans including Arctic's own P12. On the Noise, to performance front, they did not fall behind and managed to keep a good ratio, although not sensational in any regard.

The most interesting aspect for us was their customizability in which a potential user can buy the Fan with a significant portion of the Fan color in one of a few color choices. In a world where RGB lights are becoming the new norm, we believed this to be a refreshing customization option.




Although Arctic's Freezer 34 eSports Duo does not feature even a single RGB Light, its customizability is one of the features you could hope for.


Just like Arctic's BioniX P120 Line of fans, like those used on this cooler, you can choose between a variety of colors.

Thanks to the amount of colored rubber used on the P120 Fans, this choice in color also completely changes the overall look of the cooler. This allows you to essentially choose between a Green, Yellow, Red, Black and Grey cooler with a Black heatsink. 




Additionally, if you are planning to do a White-themed build, the Grey/White color options will provide you with an all-white Heatsink.


Due to these custom color options, we believe that the Freezer 34 is one of the most customizable (although once chosen it will stay that way) non-RGB coolers out there.


That being said, the look and feel of the Freezer 34 are also well-executed. The colors are vivid, the matt black or white finish on the heatsink looks clean, and the cooler delivers a simple, yet strongly looking feeling.


We benchmarked the Freezer 34 eSports Duo using our usual Benchmark setup.




While letting both fans spin at 100% fan speed, the Freezer 34 managed to keep the 3900x at 51°C above ambient.

This positions it surprisingly high on our benchmark list, even outperforming many bigger and even dual-tower coolers.




Noise normalizing our results showed that compared to a Freezer 50, the Freezer 34 eSports Duo manages to work highly efficiently for a single tower cooler. While delivering identical Max-Performance results, the Freezer 34 manages to do the same job, at a lower Noise cost. This makes it the overall better cooler, and therefore also the best Air Cooler that Arctic is currently offering.


Looking at all of our coolers, the Freezer 34 managed to keep up with much bigger coolers, placing it in the upper spectrum of our list.





Considering that Arctic's Freezer 34 eSports Duo is a relatively small cooler, its performance, especially Noise-to-Performance, is surprisingly good.

Not only did the Freezer 34 manage to out beat many of our significantly bigger competitors, but while doing so it was quieter than many of them.




But what baffled us the most during this review was how much was done right compared to Arctic's Freezer 50. The lack of any Plastic made the installation a lot easier and more straightforward while improving both the design and performance.

The possibility to choose between different color options is a great addition and allows for a lot of customization without relying on the now ever-present RGB.


All in all, we were unable to find anything negative about this cooler, neither from the Performance, Installation, Compatibility, Noise, or even Price category. The only remark we would like to make is our wish for a next iteration with 2 heat pipes more, a bigger base, and 2 of Arctic's P14 PWM PST 0db ARGB Fans.




Based on the fact that there is nothing negative to say about the Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo, we can only recommend this cooler to anybody who is looking for an affordable solution for every consumer-grade CPU out there.

What's in the Box?
Individual Components
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