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Cooler Master Mobius 140P Review


Cooler Masters Mobius's line of fans was interesting, to say the least. But what about scaling them up to 140mm form factor? It is time to take a closer look at the Mobius 140P ARGB and see if the bigger size benefited or hurt its performance overall!




  • Exceptionally good Case-Performance
  • Very Good Radiator Performance
  • Good Build Quality
  • Cable-Sleeve Higher-Quality


  • RGB could be a bit stronger


  • The Cable Could Have Been Longer



What's in the Box?


Cooler Masters Performance Mobius 140P ARGB fan comes in pretty much the exact same packaging as the slower Mobius 120P ARGB. Once everything is removed from the box we will be left with the following items:

  • Mobius 140P Fan
  • 4x Fan Screws
  • 1x Cooler Master ARGB connection piece


Down Below, you will also find a summary of the Fan's specs:

Name Cooler Master Mobius 140P
Size 140x140x25mm
Speed 1900RPM
Airflow 76.5CFM
Static Pressure 2.3mm/H2O
Noise <30dbA

PWM for Speed

3-pin ARGB for RGB

Cable Length 30cm
Bearing Loop Dynamic Bearing
Motor 4-Pole
RGB RGB illuminating the center of the fan


As far is installation is concerned, there is nothing noteworthy that differs from any other fan. Position the Fan, screw it down using the 4x screws, connect the PWM cable for power, and you're ready to go!



As the Performance version of Cooler Master's Mobius series comes with ARGB, we also need to connect the 3-pin ARGB cable. In addition to the 3-pin ARGB connector at the end of the cable, Cooler Master also added a splitter allowing us to daisy-chain multiple fans or devices using the same header on the motherboard. Thankfully, Cooler Master also includes one of their ARGB connection holders. 

Although it might look like a gimmick, this little piece of plastic is incredibly helpful to keep daisy-chained ARGB Cables connected. Something that we are very grateful for considering how quickly these cables tend to disconnect.


No matter if looking at it from far or placing the camera inches away from it, the 140P is definitely just an upscaled version of the Mobius 120P ARGB. It has the exact same amount of fan wings, bend to the exact same angle, the same infinity-Ring going around them, same rubber pads on each of the corners of the fan. Everything about the fan looks identical compared to the smaller counterpart.



The only differences are created due to the upscaled size. Thus, the wings are longer and therefore wider at the end, and the corners are slightly bigger.



Although this doesn't necessarily create any positives of negatives, we did notice that the ARGB implementation seems to be identical to the 120mm Mobius ARGB fan. This has led to the LEDs being strong enough to shine until the very end of the wing on the smaller model, but not so much for the bigger one.

Therefore, although the transitions are smooth and the fan looks great in a general sense, we believe the LEDs to be too weak for this bigger form factor.



We benchmarked Cooler Master's Mobius 120P using our usual Case Fan setup as well as the new Radiator setup.



Letting the fan spin at its max 1900RPM in a Case-Scenario allowed the CPU to drop to 39.5°C above ambient. This is a really good result, allowing the Mobius 140P to be one the best scoring 140mm fans we have seen so far. The only fans capable of beating these results are ultra-fast spinning fans, and the Phanteks M25 140mm.



Slowly lowering the fan speed and noting writing down the noise along the way allows us to create a noise-to-performance graph.

Here, we were able to observe how much better the 140P really is compared to other comparable 140mm contestants. Up until 50% off its speed, the Mobius 140P was able to keep the very best Noise-to-Performance Ratio out of every fan we have tested so far.



Over on our Radiator Benchmark machine, we tested the Mobius 140P ARGB on a 60mm Thick Radiator.

Whilst letting all the fans spin at their max speed, the Mobius 140P ARGB managed to keep the water 11.1°C above ambient, very much comparable to a Noctua NF-A14.



On the Noise-to-Performance graph for radiators, we were able to observe something interesting. Even if the Phanteks M25 140mm clearly dominated to "maximum-performance" category when it comes to radiators, the Mobius 140P managed to keep a slightly better noise-to-performance up until 40db. From there, the M25 took over until it just became louder and louder due to it being capable of spinning much faster overall.



Even if the Mobius 120P landed in a relatively good spot, the Cooler Master Mobius 140P landed somewhere much better.

As far as overall case performance is concerned, the Mobius 140P ARGB is one of the best "normal" fans we have seen so far. From both, a max-performance, especially from a noise-to-performance standpoint.



On the Radiator side, the Mobius 140P did not disappoint either. Managing to keep up with Phanteks M25 was already something worth noting, but delivering a better noise-to-performance graph until a certain point is truly a reason to go for this one.



Overall, we were very satisfied with the Mobius 140P. In the quality department, there was nothing to nag from our side. The frame feels solid, the cables have a very premium-feel sleeve, and the fan overall makes a very rigid impression.

A few negative points that we were able to find:

  • The LEDs are not strong enough for the 140mm form factor
  • The cables could have been longer


But if you are willing to put up with these quite minimal downsides, the Cooler Master Mobius 140P is definitely a great overall 140mm performer worth considering for your next build!

What's in the Box?
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