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Xilence M704Pro ARGB Review


Let's have a look at the Xilence M704Pro.ARGB, the little 4-Heatpipe version of the overwhelming M705D. With an ARGB top plate, this single tower & single fan tower cooler promises to deliver great cooling for mid-tier CPUs.




  • Good Performance
  • Good Noise-to-Performance
  • 4-1 ARGB splitter included
  • Good Build Quality
  • Affordable


  • RGB Fan


  • Top-Plate ARGB is too weak



What's in the Box?

Xilence's smaller M704Pro comes in the usual White-Black-Red Xilence-inspired packaging featuring some specs and imagery. 




Once everything is unboxed we will find the following items:

  • Xilence M704Pro Heatsink
  • ARGB Xilence Fan
  • 2x Fan Clips
  • 4-1 ARGB Splitter
  • Thermal Paste
  • Mounting Hardware Intel
  • Mounting Hardware AMD



Down below you will also find a summary of the spec sheet:

Name Xilence M704Pro.ARGB / XC056
Dimensions 120x75x160(LxWxH)
Fan - Not Specified -
Fan Airflow 68.2CFM
Fan Connection PWM
Fan Speed 1500RPM
Fan Noise <30.2dbA
Fan Air Pressure - Not Specified -
Color Black

ARGB Top Plate


Ram Restriction



4-1 3-Pin ARGB Splitter


For its compatibility, Xilence decided to include the mounting hardware for the new most relevant sockets, but also for quite a few older Intel chips. Down below you will find the full compatibility list:

Intel AMD
LGA 1700 AM5
LGA 1200 AM4
LGA 115x  
LGA 2011  
LGA 2066  

Individual Components


Although the fan which is coming included with an M704Pro is an undisclosed in-house-made Xilence Fan, it resembles strongly their XPF120.ARGB Fan. Spinning at up to 1500RPM and controllable over a 4-pin PWM connection, the fan should do the job just fine considering the thickness of the heatsink behind it.




Half of the cooler's ARGB features are also coming from its fan. By using some LEDs hidden inside the central Fan part, the light is traveling all across its milky-acrylic wings and spreads all over the fan.


The part responsible to dissipate all of the CPUs heat is a black +- 158mm high single tower heatsink. Inside of it, there are 4 copper heat pipes traveling up from the base.




Compared to Xilence's own M705D, the M704Pro's heatsink is significantly thinner while losing two of its heat pipes, something that will definitely show during performance benchmarks.


On the top of the heatsink, we will find an ARGB top cover featuring Xilence's logo as well as some milky-acrylic stripes. All of these semi-seethrough parts are meant to let the light coming from the hidden LEDs inside it through.

To control all of this light, we can use the 3-pin ARGB connection coming out of the top plate. 




Although using such a top plate is a tried-and-tested design that we have seen numerous times, we must say that we are rather disappointed. The light is generally not strong enough, and even under the most favorable conditions (no room lighting), there is still more white than there is color.




At the very bottom of the cooler, we will find the 4x copper heat pipes sticking out in form of an appropriately sized direct touch base.


Having mostly black color components, the M704Pro doesn't seem like it's going to be hard to integrate into any system.




The top plate features some minimal accents in form of a Xilence-Logo cutout and some stripes going from top to bottom. 

These stripes/cutouts are not only used to highlight the company, but they are also responsible to let the light shine through. Additionally, the fan installed on the left side is also shining some extra light into the system.




Although the design of a device will always be for the end consumer to decide, we must say that the top plate quality is underwhelming at best. The line is barely making it through leaving a lot of white colors still seeable under every condition making it look like a cheap gimmick.


Ignoring the Top-plate however, the cooler makes a solid impression and doesn't feel like any savings have been made (other than the of course).


We benchmarked Xilence's smaller M704Pro ARGB using our usual 3900x setup.




While letting the Fan ramp up to its max 1500RPM, the cooler was able to keep the CPU at 53.1°C.

This positions it right in between most other Single-Tower / Single-Fan coolers such as the Be Quiet Pure Rock 2 Black / FX, Akasa Soho H4, and Arctic Freezer 34 eSports. A solid result so far.




On the noise-to-performance graph, we were able to see that the M704Pro managed to keep its solid position while outperforming some industry standards.

From start to finish, the M704Pro managed to outperform Arctic's Freezer 34 eSports which is an incredibly good result.

Compared to the similarly sized be quiet! Pure Rock 2, the M704 performed undoubtedly a lot better.


The only similar-sized coolers that outperformed the M704 are quiet's -tuned- Pure Rock 2 FX and the be quiet! Dark Rock Slim. Two coolers which are much more expensive.




As a standalone product, the Xilence M704Pro ARGB was able to score many points. It has a solid max performance considering its size. The noise-to-performance ratio was exceptionally good while outperforming very highly regarded coolers such as Arctic's Freezer 34 eSports. But most importantly, its pricing is on point making it the perfect option for mid-tier (R5, i5) CPUs for budget-oriented builds.




The only negative aspect that drew our attention was the underwhelmingly lit top plate.


However, even if many boxes were ticked, and even if we do recommend this cooler for the before-mentioned use cases, we would like to strongly advise taking a look at the Xilence M705D. Being only minimally more expensive, the gained performance allows the cooler to be used on much higher TDP chips, or a lot quieter on lower ones.

What's in the Box?
Individual Components
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