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Am I using 64-Bit OR 32-Bit Windows


Were you asked by a Friend or maybe a Program what type of Windows Operating System you are using? Do you need to know if you are running a 64-Bit or 32-Bit Windows? If so, follow the instructions below to figure it out!


Step 1)

- Right Click with your Mouse on the Windows Symbol in the bottom Left corner of your Screen.

- Click on the Line saying “System”.

Step 2)

- In the “System” Section, under “System Type” you will find either:
“64-Bit Operating System” or
“32-bit Operating System”,
the number “32” or “64” determines which System Type your are using.

Good to know!

In some Cases the System Type is expressed in form of “X86 or X64” in those cases, X64 stands for 64-Bit and x86 for 32-Bit

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