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Xilence LQ240Pro Review


So far, Xilence AIOs have been nothing but a pleasant surprise. Now it's time for their newest LQ240! Let's take a closer look and see if it's just as good as the other ones!



  • Good Max Performance
  • Good Noise-to-Performance Ratio
  • Very Affordable


  • Includes Pump- Sata Adapter


  • Tubes could be longer


What's in the Box?


Xilence's newest and first "pro" named AIO comes inside the usual Xilence-style packaging. A bit of imagery, some short specs, and an overview inside the usual white and black box.

Once everything is unboxed, we will be left with the following items:

  • LQ240Pro 
  • 2x XPF120X.B.PWM
  • Mounting Hardware Intel
  • Mounting Hardware AMD
  • Thermal Paste
  • 1-2 PWM Splitter
  • Sata-to-PWM Adapter


Down below you will find a short summary of the AIO's specs:

Name Xilence LQ240Pro
Dimensions (Radiator) 270x120x27mm
Fan Airflow 63.41CFM
Fan Noise 24dbA
Fan Air Pressure 1.58mm/H2O
Fan Speed 1500RPM
Fan Connection 4-Pin PWM
Pump Connection 4-Pin PWM

Line going around the Water Block

Xilence Logo on top of Water Block


Inside the bags of mounting hardware, you will find your installation utilities for both the newest and some older sockets. Down below you will find the full compatibility list:

Intel AMD
LGA 1700 AM5
LGA 1200 AM4
LGA 115x  
LGA 2011  
LGA 2066  

Individual Components

Waterblock / Pump

Although it might not look that way in the images, the Water block / Pump combo that comes with the LQ240PRO is just massive.

Underneath the whole combo, we will find a relatively big copper block with a huge combo on top.



This is also the spot where we will encounter the eye candy part of the AIO. All around the top border of the combo, we will find a thin line of RGB accompanied by a lit Xilence Logo slapped on top of the block.



In order to connect everything, we can use the 3-Pin ARGB cable coming out of the block.

To power the pump on the other hand, we can either use the Pump's 4-Pin PWM cable, or utilize the 4-pin to SATA adapter included with the AIO. Using this will set the pump to run at 100% all the time, which is also what we would suggest everybody would do.




The radiator used on the LQ240 looks relatively standard. Being appropriately sized for two 120mm fans, it isn't standing out in any particular way. At 27mm thickness, there is also little to note on that front.



For Tubes, Xilence decided to use 400mm long and nicely sleeved cables which are adjustable at the water block.

At this point, we would also like to point out that the images shown on Xilence's website do not portray the Tubes very accurately. Although they do look good in person, they are definitely not looking like the 3D-generated images would suggest.



The Fans Xilence includes inside the box are their all-rounder XPF120X.B.PWM which comes with pretty much every Xilence product right now.

Those are capable of spinning at up to 1500RPM whilst pushing 63.41CFM at 1.58mm/H2O.

If you would like to know more about these Fans, make sure to check out or dedicated review about the.



In our opinion, Xilence made the right call on this AIO.

Compared to their previous models, this is definitely the cleanest one they have released so far. From Fan to water block, there is no obviously overbearing color that catches your eye.



Being almost completely black with a very thin line of ARGB comes across as very clean, a design approach that we definitely like.


We Benchmarked Xilence's new "PRO" AIO on top of our usual test bench.



Whilst letting the fans spin at 100% of their 1500RPM max speed, they managed to keep the CPU at 49.2°C. This positions it in the upper third of our complete list, right next to Noctua's NH-U12A, and surprisingly, be quiet!'s Pure loop 2 280 FX.



The Noise-to-Performance graph looks just as good. While it performs roughly like a Cooler Master Illusion ML240, it comes with a lot more headroom.

Overall, its performance is definitely in the upper range of 240mm AIOs.

The only cooler it was not able to catch up with is Arctic's much thicker 240mm Liquid Freezer.



Xilence did it again.

With a price tag of only 69.97€ (24.03.2023), it is priced incredibly affordable while it's performing like a very expensive 100€+ AIO.



But it's not only the price-to-performance that impressed us. From build quality to installation mechanics, everything was on point.

And this is also the case for its design. Being all black with a very subtle ARGB usage makes it incredibly stealthy while still looking good and easy to integrate.



All in all, we were very happy with how this AIO turned out to be. The only thing we would have liked to see it 500mm long tubes, but other than that, definitely a recommendation from our side.

What's in the Box?
Individual Components
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