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Inter-Tech X-908 Infini2 (White) Review


As we all know, each RGB LED inside of a Rig adds around 2.5FPS to your gameplay experience. But having those LED’s built into a White “Gaming” Case Multiples this effect even more! With the recently released X-908 Infini2, Inter-Tech refreshed the already popular X-908 Gaming Case and gave it a fresh look with a white coating.


Just like the original, the X-908 Infini2 White features a Standing out Infinite RGB Mirror Effect in the front while hiding a ton of features inside. Even though the Original X-908 in Blacks and the new X-908 in White are looking completely different due to their respective color, they are quite similar in every other regard. Besides their similar Size, they also share the same Feature Set. Due to this similarity, this review is not only looking at the newest 2020 Refreshed version but at the complete X-908 Lineup overall.




  • RGB Mirror
  • A lot of Space
  • Compatible with everything
  • Huge Feet
  • Great IO
  • Best-we've-seen Top Airflow
  • Included GPU Holder


  • 2 Individual Fan Controllers
  • 6 SSD Spots


  • Bad Front Airflow
  • Cable Management



What's in the box?

As usual, this case comes in a Big Carton Box. But unlike many other cases, Inter-Tech stepped up its packaging game. Instead of the Usual Brown Box with Black Text, they used a Whtie painted Carton and slapped every bit of information they could on there. Besides a detailed spec sheet, the back of the Carton shows us a couple of major features with images and explanatory text.

Because of these details and the white color, the unboxing experience not only provides a Premium feeling but also bears some resemblance to an Apple Product unboxing experience.


Once we open the Carton Box, we will find the X-908 Infini2 Wrapped in a plastic sheet and the usual 2 pieces of styrofoam. At this point, the weight of the case already stands out. With around 12Kg, this case should not be placed on any table that doesn’t provide the necessary strength.

Inside the case, we will find some additional Goodies. Hidden as a 3.5 Drive is a Box that contains some extra Screws, Zippers, a USB 3.0 to older 2.0 Header Adapter, and the Connection Cable for the Case RGB to the Mainboard ARGB 5V Header.

Inside the Power Supply Tunnel is an Instruction Manual, which in our case was written in German, but we do not have the possibility to check if International Customers get an English version.


And as a Last additional Goodie is, we will find an additional Bag inside the PSU Tunnel which Contains a GPU Holder Bracket. In most cases, this will be more of an Esthetic addition, but in the new times with the RTX 3090 GPUs being extremely long and heavy, this will most certainly come in handy later on.


The X-908 Infini2 Shines the most with its extensive Feature Set on which we will take a closer look later on. But Nevertheless, we combined the most important points inside of a List.


Name Inter-Tech X-908 Infini2
Type ATX Full Tower
Mainboard Sizes eATX - ATX - mATX - ITX
Color White / Black
Side Panel Tempered Glass
Front Panel Tempered Glass with Infinity RGB Mirror Effect
CPU Cooler Height Up to 160mm
GPU Length Up to 420mm
2.5" Drives Up to 6
3.5" Drives Up to 3
IO Power, Reset LED Button, Audio In/Out, USB 3.0 2x, USB 3.0 Type C, 2 Separate Fan Controller Switches
Dimensions 530x210x510mm

3 RGB Fans Included

RGB Strip Included

Included RGB Controller for 5 RGB Devices (5v header)


3 3-Pin RGB Fans included (2 in Top, 1 in Back)

Fan Spots

3x 120mm / 2x 140mm on Top

3x 120mm in Front

1x 120mm in rear

Water Cooling

Max 280mm Radiator in Top

Max 360mm Radiator in the Front

120mm Radiator in the Back


Separate Power Supply Tunel

Removable Dust Filter on Top

Removable Dust Filter underneath PSU

RGB & Fan Controller




While being compatible with up to eATX Motherboard size, the Inter-Tech X-908 Infini2 would fit the description of a Full Tower Case. But this case is not only massive from the inside but looking at it from the Outside, it spans a whopping 530cm x 510cm, placing it on the end of the PC Case Size spectrum.




The massive size also contributes to its compatibility when it comes to Drives.

Behind the Power, Supply tunnel is the Hard Drive Cage. Here up to 2 3.5” or 2.5” Drives can be Installed.

Behind the Mainboard plate are 2 2.5” SSD Brackets where another 2 Drives can be installed.

Additionally, there are 2 extra placements next to the mainboard where the last 2 Drives can be screwed on from the Back.


All in all, up to 6 Drives can be installed while 2 of them can either be 3.5” or 2.5”.




When it comes to the IO, this case really has it all! 2 USB 3.0 Type-A And 2 USB 3.0 Type C. This may not be the newest USB 3.2 or the very recently released USB 4.0, but compared with other cases, even in the same price range, this is as good as it gets.

As usual, the USB Ports are accompanied by an Audio IN and an Audio Out, and 2 Massive Start and Reset Buttons.

Besides having a great IO setup, Inter-Tech even took an additional Step and blocked each Port with a little Rubber Sealing which prevents Dust or any other Dirt from getting in.
It’s these little Extras, of which we will find more later on, which summarized, are giving you the feeling of working with a Premium Product.

Cable management

When it comes to cable management, the Inter-Tech X-908 Infini2 doesn’t shine like in other Categories.

Even though there are more than enough Cable Cut-Outs on the Right and benight the mainboard, it doesn’t provide you with anything more. Summed up, the Cable Management is not “bad” but comparing it to other Cases in the same price range, there could have been a Dedicated CPU-Power cable cut-out or a Bracket to hide the Cables next to the Mainboard. But at least they included 2 velcro ties behind the mainboard that hold all the cables in place.


RGB- / Fan- Controller

The Included RGB functionality that this case offers is probably the Number 1 Selling point for this Case. While the Front offers the beloved RGB Infinite Mirror Effect, the Rest of the Case did not come short. On the Power Supply Tunnel, we can find an additional LED Strip that is covered in a Black Plastic Bar. The Included Fans, 2 on the top and 1 in the Back, are also covered in LED’s and offer an all-around RGB Ring effect.

Already out of the Box, this Case comes fully RGB-Illuminated and can light up your room without any additional Expenses.


Additionally to all of these LED’s, Inter-Tech included a little Centralized Control Center. Behind the Mainboard, we can find a small PCB that acts as a PWM Fan Controller / Hub and an RGB Controller / Hub. With up to 5 Fans, 2 LED Strips, and 5 additional RGB Devices, this included Controller gives you the possibility to control everything that spins and shines from one central place.


As marked multiple times on the Box, this controller gives you the possibility to control all of these functions with the Usual RGB Software (ASRock RGB, Aura Sync, RGB Fusion & Mystic Light). In Order to Use this Central Controlling unit, it simply needs to be connected to one of the PWM Headers and to one of the 5V 3-Pin RGB Headers on the Mainboard.




Another “Special” Feature of this Case would be the Fan Control Panel on top of the Case.

These 2 Special Switches allow you to control the Fans with 3 Pin Connections by providing you with 3 Modes, Low, High, and Stop. Even if none of these Modes are explained in detail on either the Box or the Manual, they function +- as you would expect. But even if this feature is a nice thing to have, it doesn't work as intuitive as we hoped.


The Switches on top of the Case are working completely independently of the Fan/RGB Controller which will be controlled through the PWM header, by the Mainboard Software.

In order to Use the Switches at the top, there are 3 3-Pin Extension Cables coming out inside of the Case, two of which are connecting the Fans to the Right Switch and the other one to the left Switch. In order to provide the Fans with Power, an additional Molex power Cable is provided inside of the Case.



This setup means that the top 2 Switches are controlling a maximum of 3 Fans, independently of the PWM Hub behind the Mainboard. On the first look, this doesn't seem problematic, but if you would use the system as intended, you would end up having the rear and the front fans connected over PWM while the Top Fans are controlled by the switches. In this case, if you would need to turn the fan speed up or down, you would need to do it within the Mainboard PWM Software and additionally with the Switched on the Top.

Of course, there are not a lot of cases in which you would need to control the Fan speed actively very often, but having 2 individual Fan controlling systems that do not have the possibility to work together seems to be not well technically designed.



The Cooling of the Inter-Tech X-908 Infini2 combines the weirdest combination that we have seen so far. To get the obvious, unchangeable variable out of the way, there is a 120 Fan spot in the Back, like with any other case, and it behaves exactly like within any other case. The interesting parts are at the Top and the Front.




The Top Air section is among the best that we have seen so far. With a small indentation around the whole section and a Black on white removable dust filter, this definitely stands out. The Meshed air filter is not only very unrestrictive but with a “click-in” system, it can be removed very easily and because of that, provides a completely different look-and-feel than the usual “slap-on” magnetic dust filter which we are used to.


After removing the Dust Filter, it becomes unusually easy to access the 3 top Fans as well as the optional Radiator Placement.


Out of the Box, Inter-Tech adds 2 already pre-mounted Fans in the Back and in the Center Spot. Additionally, the 120mm Spot in the Back of the Case is also already pre-filled with the exact same fan.


Even though with their not very quiet or High-Airflow operation, these Fans would never make the top-10 list of the Best-in-Class Case fans, it's definitely appreciated that Inter-Tech already provides these. But one thing that is very nice about these Fans is the Fact that they RGB all around. Once connected to the RGB hub in the Back, you will be able to make the case not only shine from the Front, but also from the inside!


In case that the 2 Included Fans in the Top Spots do not fulfill your needs, they can be exchanged for whatever 120 or 140 Fans that you wish. But it needs to be mentioned that if you will be using 140mm fans, only 2 of them can be placed in comparison to the 3 possible 120mm fans.


In case of a Water-Cooling build, Inter-Tech also has you Back. Because of the lowered Motherboard placement, it is easily possible to attach an up-to 280mm Radiator to the top with the fans either on top or beneath the Radiator.

So all in all, we are definitely impressed about the Top Air System and the included Fans that Inter-Tech has placed in this case.



Unfortunately the same can not be said about the Front Airflow. Even though there are 3 120mm Fan spots, and the possibility to attach an up to 360mm Radiator, we do not think that the provided Air vents can let enough air inside the case as would be needed in a high-end system.


The Front Airflow works by letting the air get into the case through the sides of the Front Panel which are covered in slits. In Theory, these slits should let enough air get in, but not only are the Fans placed only 1.5cm behind the completely sealed off front, but the Mirror with its LEDs in the Front is already covering half of the Slits.


This means that the Fans placed in the front have to operate with an extremely thin 1.5cm air pocket, and they seem to have to struggle to get any air into that pocket as the slits are already partially covered.

Even though we do not think that the overall airflow of the case is bad by any means (Mostly because of the outstanding top), we still think that the front should be addressed in future versions of this case.




Another small side note when it comes to the overall Cooling is about the Power Supply.

As expected the PSU is mounted within its separate Tunnel. And just as with most other cases, there is a Dust Filter.


But as already mentioned, there are a couple of little things with this case that just give you that premium “apple” feeling. In this case, it's because of that dust filter. Instead of the usual Metal mesh filter that is held in place with a couple of bendable metal bits from the case, this one is attached to a mounting bracket that can be slit out of its slot with ease and then washed. Even though this does not contribute much to the airflow of anything, we think that it's a nice little addition.




And finally, we are coming to the probably most important section of this review, the Design.

Because even if the Case offers many important features and is compatible with probably anything that anyone would throw into it. The most distinctive feature is its eye-catching design.

With an All-White Coating that Inter-Tech describes as “Silk Touch”, it not only (actually) feels different than the usual case, but most definitely catches the looks of anybody crossing it. But the Whitecoat is a double-edged sword. It looks extremely good, but only if what's inside matches the color palette. The overall look may not be damaged by any Black components, but having older “rainbow” Psu-Cables may make the whole build look like a mismatch. So keep in mind that you may need to overthink what components you want to install in here.


The most notable design aspect would be the Infinity mirror and the overall RGB-Capability of the Case. With the controllable Infinity Effect and even more RGB inside of the Case, you can save some money with your usual Room lighting and just let the X-908 Inifni2 do its job.


But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s build on it and see what the result looks like.




For this case we’ve used the Following Components:

  • ASRock B-450M-HDV
  • Ryzen 3600x
  • 2x G.skill 3000mhz 16Gb
  • Gigabyte Vision RTX 3070
  • BeQuiet Pure Rock Slim
  • Inter-Tech Argus 720W PSU


The installation process went surprisingly well. As the X-908 Infini2 counts as a Full-Tower with eATX support, the amount of space to work with is massive. Initially, we were concerned that routing the 4-Pin connection to the CPU would cause issues as there were no cut-outs for these cables. But after installing the mainboard it turned out that the hole behind it was big enough for the cable to fit above the mainboard without an issue.

Overall there were no issues installing anything in this case.


The Fan/RGB Hub in the Bag was very convenient as we did not have to route additional cables for each fan to the mainboard. This also reduced the overall usage of cables, thus improving Cable Management. The PCB in the Bag receives its power from a SATA Power Cable. An important thing to mention at this point would be that the Power Plug is not installed as usually on the PCB. In this execution, the lower portion of the PCB is used as the Female portion of the plug. In order to plug it in, the SATA Cable needs to be placed below the PCB and pushed on it, in order to swallow the lower portion of the PCB inside of the SATA Cable.


The Bag of goodies that can be found inside the case has a lot to offer. Besides the included Screws (silver) and a couple of Zip-Ties, Inter-Tech also included a USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 Adapter for the Front IO. In cases where the Mainboard only contains 1 USB 3.0 Header, this will be a life-saver.


Another small but significant Addition would be the GPU Holder that is provided with the case. It can be installed in front of the GPU and screwed into the top of the PSU-Tunnel. Once installed the height and horizontal orientation can be adjusted. Please note that the amount of Horizontal movement allows ignoring the central Power Plugs that the new Founder-Edition RTX 3000 Cards are using.


Overall, the Inter-Tech X-908 offers a Ton of features. A lot of space, Compatibility with almost any hardware available at the moment, A giant Infinite RGB Mirror in the Front, 3 Pre-Installed, an RGB Strip, a Fan/RGB Controller, a secondary Fan Controller, decent IO, and an overall eye-catching look, just to name a few.


But despite us having a very positive experience with this case, there are a few things that could have been better.


The GPU Holder, even though we are surprised that it was included, could get a secondary mounting spot. Drilling additional holes at the very end of the card, which would allow the GPU to be held at the end, would be a great addition. This would also be a great addition for people using the new 3090’s as these cards are incredibly long and may still tend to bend if the GPU Holder only strengthens the first third of the card.


The Fan Control Switches next to the IO do not have the functionality that we’ve hoped for. Modifying the Fan/RGB Controller in the Bag to accept the Switches as an Override to the PWM Signal of the Mainboard would leave you with a perfectly designed system where the Software is controlling the Fans while giving you the possibility to stop or pump up the Fan speed in case it's needed.


The airflow of the case gets a “medium” rating at best. We loved the top with its click-in Dust filter and clearance. But the same cannot be told about the Front, unfortunately, the Mirror is blocking a lot of the Air vents which leaves you with a low air intake from the front. Even though there are 3 120mm fan spots, the Front cooling performance will not be competing against the best cases in this price range. Making the Front-Panel thicker would allow the mirror to be moved away from the fans, which would provide a bigger air pocket and allow the air vents to be used at their full potential.

Overall we did have a “Premium” Product feeling while working with the case. Inter-Tech did invest their time and money to make small additions which leave you with that “wow” feeling. A slidable PSU Dust Filter, The Click-In system on top, Dirt Blockers on the IO, the included goodies and the fact that they Painted the Carton in white with usable Information on there were just a few that made this experience very enjoyable.


To sum this Review up, we are recommending the case for the people that are looking forward to building a White Rig but do keep in mind that “White” is not a very forgiving color, so you may want to make sure that the rest of your components are playing along.


The case is available for around 115€ on computeruniverse.net.





What's in the box?
Cable management
RGB- / Fan- Controller
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