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Inter-Tech RS-06 Review




Apparently, Inter-Tech is on a White-Coloring run as they not only released a Refreshed X-908 Infini2 but also tried to let their RS-04 RGB Fan Set shine in a new light.

With the newest, refreshed RS-06 Fan Set, Inter-Tech tweaked the used materials and changed the lighting setup in order to provide an (almost) completely white Fan that shines in every color imaginable.




  • 3 Fans
  • Included Controller
  • Price
  • RGB Effects
  • RGB Software Controllable
  • Performance


  • IR Remote


  • Proprietary Cable only handles RGB
  • Negligible Louder


What's in the Box?



Unfortunately, for those who liked it, Inter-Tech ditched the formerly included RGB Strip. With that removable, out-of-the Box, the Customer will get 3 Argus RS-061RGB Fans, a Fan RGB Controller, and the beloved RF Remote that people usually lose after a day or two.

Just like with the RS-04 set, Inter-Tech included the same RGB Controller that was also in use in a couple of their cases. The unnamed Controller can be used for up to 8 of their fans, where you can use either the RS-06 or RS-04 Fans. Additionally, the Controller can also control 2 Additional LED Strips. To our very disappointment, every component has a proprietary Plug from Inter-Tech in use. This means that you will not only be restricted to using Inter-Tech’s fans but when it comes to the LED Strips, it also has to be the in-house RS-042.

Apart from the actual hardware, you are also served with a couple of goodies. A 1-3 PWM Splitter, a 50cm RGB extension cord, and the much-needed Fan Screws.

Below we attached a Spec sheet with the most important information. Please note that at the time of release, there was an error on the Packaging. Instead of the 900RPM stated on the back of the package, the fans are turning at a max speed of 1200RPM.




Fan Size 120mm
Fan RPM 1200RPM
Fan Airflow 990l/min
Fan Noise Level 22dbA
Fan Bearing Fluid Bearing
Fan Connection 4-Pin PWM
Amount of LED's 8
RGB Connection 5v Addressable
RGB Controller Fan RGB Spots 8x
RGB Controller Strip RGB Sports 2x




Ignoring the fact that Inter-Tech didn’t include the LED Strip and that the fans are white, there is no real difference when it comes to the installation. The Fans are still controlled by a PWM connection and when using the 3-1 Splitter, you are able to connect all 3 of the Fans to one single Output on the Mainboard. When it comes to RGB, the same rule applies, the proprietary RGB connection of each fan has to be hooked up to the RGB Controller. From there, the Controller can be powered by Molex, while being connected to the Mainboard with a 3pin 5V Addressable RGB Header.




In case that the Set is being used in a setup without an RGB Controlling Mainboard, the Controller provides 300 different light modes which can be changed by using the included IR remote.

Additionally, the Controller can be hooked up to the 2-Pin cable that comes out of the Reset or Dedicated LED Button of the Case. If that is connected properly, you will be able to switch between the different RGB Modes by using the Case Buttons.

For easy installation, Inter-Tech glued a couple of magnets to the backside of the Controller, this way it can be attached to the rear side of the Motherboard plate.

So overall, the installation process is straightforward, plugin each Fans PWM and RGB Cable, and connect the Controller to the Motherboard and you are good to go.



Using white components inside of a build is always a challenge. But for White-Themed builds, the Inter-Tech RS-06’s are a perfect fit. The RGB effects are stunning, and by using an All-White Fan (Blades, middle section & outer-Ring) the RGB lights emitted by the Centerpiece are spreading all over the Fan and even lighting up the outer-Ring.

To showcase their appearance, we’ve used the Inter-Tech X-908 Inifini2 in white. In such a Setup, the Fans are fitting perfectly into the overall design.

If they are used in a Black case, the Fans are still looking gorgeous while turned on, but be aware that mismatched colors may tend to look Rainbow-y once the RGB is off.



Fan performance

Comparing the newest RS-06 to the already established RS-04 there are a few key differences that contribute to a slight change in performance.

Instead of the 7 Wings, the RS-06 Fans have a total of 9 Fan wings. Despite that already being a massive change, the complete inner Diameter (2 Wings + Centerpiece) of the newer Fans is about 1cm longer.

With these changes, we found that the new fans do perform slightly better than their black counterpart.


With a Quick Benchmark, we tried to generate some numbers to back up our claims.

Using a locked Ryzen 3700x with a Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro without any fans, we used the Fans inside of a Case. With 2 Fans in the Front and 1 in the Back we tried to let (only) the RS-6 / RS-04 take care of the CPU cooling.


With this testing methodology, we found that the RS-04 Set was able to keep the CPU at a steady 86°C while the RS-06 Set managed to get it cooled down to 79°C.

Although these numbers are vastly exaggerated due to our lack of any actual CPU fans, the numbers provide some evidence that the newer Set actually performs slightly better.


When it comes to Fan noise, there is only a negligible difference between the sets with the older set taking the lead. But in both cases, if not used at 100% Fan speed, in a case and 1 meter away, we found that the Fans are not “annoying” or omit any noticeable noise.




Once the whole set lights up, you can definitely turn off the room lighting. With 3 Fans using 8 LEDs each, which are spread all across the fan, they deliver stunning Lightning effects that make any build look stunning.

The Light in these Fans is emitted from the Center Piece where the Fan Motor is hidden and expends over the white Fan Wings to the outer-ring.

While using the included Controller, you will be able to use either one of the 300 included Effects or just turn it off and control everything with the 5v Addressable from your Motherboard by using any of the usual RGB Software (Asus Aura, ASRock RGB, MSI Mystic Light, RGB Fusion 2.0).





Looking back at the RS-04 Set, with which we were already stunned at what Inter-Tech was able to pack into a 25€ Set, the RS-06 Set is no different. Even if they decided to not include the RGB strip anymore, it's still a pretty good bang for the buck. The Fan's performance is alright, the RGB effects are nice and the included RGB Controller allows for Software control as well as providing a safe alternative for everybody who doesn’t have an RGB header on their mainboard.

As happy as we are with the new RS-06 Set, we still think that something could have been better. As we already saw with Inter-Tech’s W-III case, the RGB Controller that Inter-Tech includes is also a Fan Hub. In our Opinion an upgrade to a PWM Controllable Fan Controller that hubs the speed signal, as well as an RGB Signal to each fan in one single cable, would be a better alternative. For such an upgrade, we would also be willing to take a small increase in the Set’s Price into account, as it is our only “Negative” Aspect.


Overall we can definitively recommend the Inter-Tech (Argus) RS-06 RGB Set. It is available for around on computeruniverse.net for around 23.50€.



What's in the Box?
Fan performance
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