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Cryorig C7 Cu Review


Copper being almost 3x as thermally conductive compared to aluminum, it should be clear that an all-Copper heatsink will always dominate the Benchmark table. Meet the Cryorig C7 Copper, a ultra-SFF cooler made entirely out of copper.



  • Entirely made out of Copper
  • Unique Design
  • Good Performance
  • Very good Build Quality


  • A bit loud


  • Close-to-impossible installation if Motherboard is minimally bent


What's in the Box?



Just as its tiny ultra-SFF size suggests, the Cryorig C7 Copper comes in an extremely compact package in form of a tiny brownish-carton box containing some imagery and product information. Although we are uncertain about the creation process of the packaging, the box is clearly designed in a similar fashion to the average "Environmentally friendly" box.




Once the bio box is opened up we will find the following items:

  • Pre-Assembled Cryorig C7 Cooler
  • Thermal Paste
  • Installation Material Intel/AMD
  • Screwdriver
Name Cryorig C7 CU
Dimensions 97x97x47mm (LxWxH)
Fan - No Specific name -
Fan Airflow 40.5 CFM
Fan Speed 2500 RPM
Fan Noise < 30db
Fan Air Pressure 2.8mm/H2O




Although it is not always the case with coolers of this size, the Cryorig C7 CU is compatible with a lot of different Sockets. Down below we added a complete list.

Adding to that multi-socket compatibility, the form factor of the C7 also makes sure that neither the heatsink nor the fan is ever protruding over any of the motherboard's components, IO or Ram. Therefore, a 100% Ram/MOBO compatibility is 

AMD Intel
AM4 LGA 1200
AM3/+ LGA 115x

Individual Components




The little 92x92mm fan definitely adds to the overall cooler aesthetic. Spinning at up to 2500RPM while pushing about [email protected]/H20, the fan delivers surprising numbers considering its very thin 15mm thick form factor.

The fan itself is painted in a darker gray color while the plastic fan frame which is directly clipped onto the heatsink is completely covered in the whitest white. Overall the combination is definitely an eye-pleasing experience.




The heart or more the main selling point of the C7 Copper is definitely the Heatsink. Being made entirely out of Copper in combination with 4 copper heat pipes that Cryorig somehow managed to squeeze into that mini heatsink creates an astounding aesthetic. 




But the copper is not there for the looks. Copper being roughly 3x more thermally conductive compared to aluminum means it is the perfect material to create an entire heatsink out of it.  




Although it has many performance-related positive aspects, the design is definitely a plus. The all orange and white combined with the grey fan creates a highly unique design that we have not seen before. Definitely an eye-catcher that stands out.




We tested the Cryorig C7 CU on our SFF testbench using a 10700k@120w.

While letting the fan spin at 100% the C7 CU managed to keep the CPU at 52°C, just 2 degrees behind the Scythe Shuriken 2, but 9°C in front of the similarly-sized Noctua NH-L9i.




On the Noise-to-Performance graph, we can see that although the heatsink is made out of copper, the Fan is kind of brute-forcing its way up the latter.

While it is definitely managing to score second place, it is not able to keep the same level of noise-to-performance ratio as the NH-L9i.





Overall the Cryorig C7 is a highly interesting fan.

Putting the excellent design choice of Copper combined with a White/Grey fan aside,  the C7 did also manage to score some points on the performance front.




Although not quite matching the L9I's incredible noise-to-performance ratio, the Cryorig C7's performance graph looks like an extension of the L9i. 

Ending up just 2 degrees behind the Scythe Shuriken 2 becomes quite the achievement once the sizes of these two coolers are compared.

In the end, the performance is more than enough to be considered a high-performance ultra-SFF cooler.




Due to the Cryorig's surprising performance considering its size, we can definitely recommend it for your next SFF build.


What's in the Box?
Individual Components
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